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Sports, Exercise and Heath Science (SEHS) EE HELP!!!!!

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hey everyone!

just a quick preface before i begin: ive been stuck on this for a while now and i would appreciate if anyone could give me some feedback or advice that could help. topic suggestions are also welcome!

im doing my EE on Sports, Exercise and Heath Science (SEHS) and its proving to be more difficult that i had anticipated. the problem that im facing right now is that i cant think of a topic to research on (or collect data) easily. 

i initially wanted to do it on progressive muscular relaxation and its effects on performance. firstly, i have no idea which aspect of performance is good to research on and if i did this, i would have to look at the amount of stress it alleviates to see how it affects performance(??)

right now, ive decided that the topic mentioned above would be too difficult to do with the limited amount of time i have to finish this and the fact that i cant exactly measure stress. so unless i find something that can miraculously solve those problems, im putting that idea aside. 

my teacher recently began teaching us option A from the SEHS syllabus and it is "optimising physiological performance" ive been looking at one of the subtopics which is "training" and have been searching up on best types of trainings to: lose weight / increase vertical jump height but those feel more like IA topics.

please help ☹️

(btw let me know if anything doesnt make sense, i'll try to clarify!)

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