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So essentially, you want to apply what you learn in theory to real life. This is how it goes:

(A) Find an article on part of the course (eg: microeconomics could be an article on bad rains reduce supply of corn; trade could be Trump's tariffs etc)

(B) Analyse said article. You want to define a few terms in the intro and set up what happened (ver very concisely). Then its like a part B. Draw your graphs and explain them. Use quotes from the text to show your point.

(C) Write a conclusion summing up your key points.

(D) Make sure it's in the word limit. IDK if it has changed from my time, but run a word count a few times. Also, don't forget there are rules regarding chart titles etc. I'm not sure exactly what they are but if you're above those limits it comes into your word count.


Done. Hope this helps

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