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Hello everyone, I will be doing International Baccalaureate for the first time next year, and I am having trouble deciding on which subjects will best suit me for my career and which ones to take HL. I am planning to have a future career in engineering/business.

Subjects I have already chosen:
Maths HL
Physics HL
Mandarin ab-initio

The subjects I am currently picking between are:
Economics SL/HL
English SL/HL
Chemistry SL/HL or Business Management SL/HL

I am open to any suggestions about my subjects, and to the ones I have already locked in.

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Probably English or Chem for HL, they would be most useful. Econ HL is ok, too, if you are more business inclined than engineering. Not taking chem may restrict applying to certain universities for engineering.

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This may be late, but maybe you could choose HL Econ as well, and Sl Chemistry and English. HL Econ will help you if you go down the business route and SL Chem is good for engineering. You don't need HL Chem + Math + Physics for engineering, however, a lot of students do take it, even though it's a dreadful combo. I think you'll be fine with whatever you choose tho.

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