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MLI Topic for IB music

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So I would like to do Bangladesh traditional folk music (my ethnic background is Bangladesh)  as one of the cultures that I have to choose to compare another culture with, but the issue is, it's basically Indian music. I've talked to my teacher and he mentioned to say that India greatly influenced the music but I should also state a difference. I've researched through several websites and even talked to my parents about what they know but unfortunately, I can't find a difference between Bangladesh traditional folk music to India. I also don't know what music elements to focus on as the only thing I can find about Bangladesh music is ragas, improvisation and the lyrics of songs. Would anyone be able to let me know if there is a difference and what elements of music I could focus on in my MLI? 

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I'm not exactly sure on how to approach your topic since, I'm not close to my ethnic background which is Bangladesh as well but, if you do a thorough search and ask people who live in Bangladesh, you'll surely find authentic Bengali music. Due to the war that went on long ago and India being close to Bangladesh, it did have an influence on Bengali music but, so does western music (in present day). You could look and talk about in depth the about the music and dances from different regions in Bangladesh such as Baul, Dhamail, Gombhira, Kavigan, Agamani-Vijaya, and Bhatiaii. There is more to music than just beats and you could mention instruments or the meaning of music and what it signifies in Bangladesh (possibly during the war as well and what effect it played on citizens). If you still think that Bangladesh music is too related to Indian music, you might consider changing your topic to Indian music vs another culture.


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