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Hello, I am planning to go major into either one of these fields: Engineering/Computer Science/Business related

I have two options so far:

Option 1:

Maths HL
Physics HL
Business & Management HL
Economics HL
English HL
Mandarin ab-initio

Option 2:

Maths HL
Physics HL
Chemistry HL
Economics SL
English SL
Mandarin ab-initio


I may try to apply for a top university overseas, so I am stuck deciding on these two options. In my opinion, option 1 will better suit computer science and business (My school does not offer CS), and option 2 would better suit engineering.

The deadline for subjects is soon, so please if you can help guide me to the better option if I were to go for a top university for business/engineering or computer science, I am open for any other subject combination.

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Do Option 2. Option 1 may not seem hard at first glance, but that's a lot of coursework. It's better to get 40+ with 3 HLs than to get a lower mark with 5. In addition, I've heard that if you want to go into engineering, you will have to do 2 sciences. 

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