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Hey guys, so I was thinking about doing a Music EE but I'm not really sure how to start? I have suggested to my supervisor that I wanted to potentially analyse the variations of the main theme from Kingdom Hearts but I think one of the biggest issues is that I will most likely have to notate the scores myself. I've come up with some other questions that I could potentially look at if I still decide I want to analyse Kingdom Hearts: 

1. To what extent does the music of Kingdom hearts incorporate Japanese culture?

2.  In what ways are the themes of kingdom hearts video games expressed through the music?

3. To what extent does the music of Kingdom hearts owe influence to the music of other composers?

4. To what extent are Shimomura’s compositions in Kingdom Hearts original?

But I'm not sure what to do... Should I find a completely different aspect of music to look at instead? 

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I don't know much about the Video Game or Music in general but looking at your questions they all look like EE type of questions. Focusing on culture and what your topic means to the culture is the first and really every point of an EE. I would need to see what you thinking for your body paragraphs to get a better idea where your paper is going. But for a first look type of impression, it sounds like a solid plan. Would first have to start with the background of what culture and music/ video games have done. Can use other examples across the world to prove your point that music and video games can express culture. Then 3 reasons or so why you think Kingdom hearts and music express blank ( your question). 

Hope this helped some 

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