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Hey guys, I'm three weeks into the math hl course and I feel like I'm dying. I just got a 60% on my sequences test and was stuck on many questions. My teacher makes his own questions so they're quite hard to predict, any advice? 


One of the questions : Determine the sum of all y values that are above the x axis for the curve y= -1/40(x-1)^2 + 10 where x = all intergers 

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It seems like your teacher goes beyond the syllabus. For example, it looks like you need the sum of squares formula to solve the question efficiently.

In a test. Make sure you read all questions before starting. You would know which questions are most manageable. Jot down what you think of when you read the questions. For example this question you may think of "parabola", "zeros", "sum of squares". As you read later questions, you will be subconsciously thinking of related formulas and it prevent you from hastily going into a calculation that may be off-track.

At home. Make sure you start with practicing easy problems. You need to be very comfortable with basic skills before you attempt complex questions that need some thinking. 

There are a lot more tips you can find by using the search bar at the top right of the page.

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