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IB History IA Research Question Ideas/ Feedback

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Anyone have any ideas for an IB History IA? I think I want to focus on Racism in the US/ Racial inequality.. etc. 


I have one research question formulated so far but i’m not sure if it’s good, and I need three to turn in to my IB History Teacher : 


-To what extent did slavery cause a disparity in generational wealth between the races between 1980 and 2000?

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Slavery seems a bit general to cover in 2200 (I think) words. Is there a particular element/policy of slavery that's possible to talk about its influence. There's also the issue of slavery happened more than 100 years after 1980 and there were multiple attempts to block racial equality after slavery was outlawed in 1865. In order to answer your question well, you have to cover those 100 years of history and show the extent to which slavery played a role. 

You might consider looking at Jim Crow Laws, the KKK, etc. and how they play a role in the in creating wealth disparity between 1980-2000. Coming of Age in Mississippi By Ann Moody is might be a relevant read. It's a biography of growing up in the Jim Crow South. There's also a handful of supreme court cases that go back and forth in terms of citizenship rights for free slaves pre 1865, and about the rights of blacks post 1865. 

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