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Please give me advice on med school with Chem SL

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I want to study medicine at uni, and my subjects are:

Eng A LangLit HL

Bio HL

Psychology HL

Chem SL

Math SL

Lang B SL

I know most unis require Chem at HL, and I'm planning to do a foundation year because I just can't cope with Chem at HL. I know it's better for me, but I know myself. I would risk failing in other subjects, I'm really bad at Chem. Please don't tell me to change my university plans, it's not helpful. I know Chem isn't used as much for medicine, and the foundation year will teach me all the Chem I need to know.

I need help with making sure unis will accept me for a foundation year with Chem SL. I'm planning on an EE in Psych or Bio (medicine focused), all my IA's will be focused on medicine somehow (except maybe Math), and I'm aiming for a score between 35-40 points (including Core). I'm volunteering at hospitals and doing work experience. I have a valid reason for wanting to do medicine. Is there anything else I can do to have a stronger application that says 'PICK ME!', like for CAS or an hobby or anything? I also need a reason as to why I chose Chem SL without it making me look weak.. 

Money is not a priority and I would like to study in the UK or Europe, in English. 

Thank you so much! 

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