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Help finding books for history ia topic.

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Are there any good books for this history ia topic? “Would the British have had more reason to fire the shot heard round the world?” If you have any please share and if you think this is a bad topic thats going to be too hard please give ideas for a better one around the same subject and maybe share some books for the topic aswell. 

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Your question appears to be incomplete. The use of 'would' generally requires a hypothetical condition. Such as, would John have had more reason to kill Bill if he walked home that night? We know John killed Bill. We are hypothesizing that John would have been more justified had Bill walked home. Its generally not advised to do a hypothetical question in history as history deals in fact and their analysis not in what would have happened. As historians, we don't ask questions like would the purges in the 1930s been avoided had Lenin lived beyond 1924? We can argue that the purges were not consistent with Lenin's leadership and that they were a new concept the Stalin brought to the USSR when he assumed power. 

It's possible to rephrase your question without straying far from what I understand is your main idea. 'To what extent', 'For what reasons', etc. will accomplish the same idea of showing justification for the British opening fire in the Revolutionary War. 

Book wise, I am not sure as I haven't studied the history of the revolutionary war since grade school. 

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