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How to get a 7 in Language B papers? Better way than memorise voacb from Past Papers?

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I was told to go through past papers and find vocabulary that I do not know. However, just going through one paper nearly took a whole day. I feel this is inefficient.

So, how do you get a 7 in your Language B papers? Is it simply a matter of memorising vocabulary to do with the Core Topics and an option and then knowing some advanced grammatical constructions?

Should we know some more general verbs and adjectives ?

Any tips on getting a 7 for Language B will be greatly appreciated.

I am asking for SL German B.

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Practice talking and reading advanced texts. Hopefully your teacher does enough practice with you on writing. If you need someone to talk with, I'd recommend downloading HelloTalk. Another key thing is knowing how to use a formal and informal register. If you're writing a blog post, go crazy with informality, if you have a more formal text type, than keep it rigid.

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It is important to read more newspaper article and get yourself immersed with the language well. Memorizing vocabularies does not work always as you do not know what the reading material in the exam gonna be. In terms of writing, practice past papers and familiar yourself with a set of connectives and grammar is crucial so that the examiner can see that you have a broad knowledge of the language itself.   

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