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2nd term of 1st semester, very bad grades? IBDP Y1

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So I'm currently in 11th grade rn. Its only been the 2nd term for DP and I'm doing so bad in all my subjects. 


Psych (we haven't really done anything)

English A 11/20 for my first written task

History : 5/15 for this essay practice test


Math Studies : 18/56 (Am I that stupid... math has always been my weakest subject despite studies being really easy.)

French Abinitio (we haven't really done anything)

Biology : 3/9 for the test, 13/24 for my first practice IA

What is wrong with me? I did so much better in the MYP and all of a sudden I'm failing everything in the DP. I'm afraid I'm not gonna do well within the next two years till the May exams. How do improve this? 

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Your written task and biology marks are ok, maybe even good, for someone who just started IB. You would have to give specifics (eg your work load, commitments, study habits) if you want more specific response. But in general just start assignments early and ask your peers and teachers for help whenever you need it. It could be useful to get your hands on some past papers for math this year, and for bio and maybe psych/history next year.

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