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Computer science or ITGS? How to improve?

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Hi guys, so this is my situation.

for my extended essay, i planned to go for computer science subject on something about machine learning. My research question was about how effective a boosting model was in predicting stock prices. So i asked my teacher, and after reading my outline he said that he considered this an ITGS essay. What do you guys think? Can it be used for CS? What should i alter and how to improve? Thanks.


P.S. i am also unsure of this topic is too advanced for me as i am not really experienced in the R language or programming in general, but have someone close who is very familiar.

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I've never done IGTS nor do I know the curriculum so I can't talk about that. I can however offer you a sanity check and confirm that machine learning (assuming that your topic is a valid sup-topic) is most definitely computer science. I actually haven't taken a machine learning course because it's third year CS at my university but I've heard it's very math heavy (matrices) and fairly difficult. Also btw, you cannot really rely on anyone to do your work for you for your EE, so having someone as a friend with a programming background isn't very helpful.

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