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Can someone please explain the exam pattern and what i need to submit in my IA? I went to the IB website but I got a little confused. What does the written assignment consist of? and what are interactive oral activities?


Also, there are rumors that the whole pattern changed or something? Is that true? whats the new pattern?

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I'm pretty sure the IA for language B is the written task, but I know that for May 2020 onwards, language B does not require a written task. Not sure how the IA will be impacted by this but yeah...

The written task will be replaced by a listening assignment that will be coupled with the readings. Paper 1 will now be the written exam (format and topic) and Paper 2 will be the reading comprehension and listening.

The interactive oral activity has also been cancelled from May 2020 candidates, but the individual oral will still be there.

So, yeah, the whole pattern has changed I guess.

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