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Bio IA allelopathy, help

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Hi guys, 

I'm currently writing my bio IA on allelopathy and the effect of mint on the growth of cucumber and I need some help. First, I set up 2 flowerpots with only cucumber seeds and named them control group 1 and 2, and 3 flowerpots with both cucumber and mint- experimental groups 1,2 and 3. My first question: can I treat control groups 1 and 2 as a control sample simply without distinction between flowerpots (and the same for experimental 1,2 and 3)? Second question, my experiment lasted for 6 weeks and I measured the height of cucumbers in every from the 5 groups after each week has passed. So now I have 6 groups of measurements for each of the flowerpots and I don't know how many data should I put in my IA in tables (I guess that this amount is too much?) My teacher also advised me to do dry mass measurement of all samples which I did but I don't really know in what form I have to present it in my work. And I've taken pictures every 5th day of experiment for every group- how many is it appropriate to insert or is it unnecessary at all? 

Thank you to anyone that responds for devoting your time to help me! 

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