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Is it true that students aren't permitted to submit the TOK presentation in a format of a video for 2019?

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So my TOK teacher informed us that we're not permitted to submit the TOK presentation in a form of a video, only a PowerPoint presentation is accepted by the IB. I was a bit conflicted by this new information so I asked the librarian and he said that we're allowed, as long as we present ourselves throughout the video occasionally. And then for a confirmation, I inquired the IB Coordinator and she said we're not allowed to use a video as our final presentation. 

So should I follow what my IB Coordinator said or should I just do what's easier for me and make a video?

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As far as I know, the ToK final presentation is a live performance. It is graded according to the rubric in the ToK guide (out of 10) and moderated based on your TK/PPD sheet. For the purpose of highest grades, you should tell all your friends to have a better TK PPD than the actual presentation. 

Think of the ToK presentation as your literature oral presentation. It should be graded based on you doing a presentation, not a carefully edited version of you reading the lines. 

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