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Spanish vs. History EE?

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Hi all :) I'm struggling to decide what subject I should do for my EE. My top 2 choices right now are History (which I take HL) and Spanish B (which I take SL) but I don't know which to choose. I am very interested in both subjects and I think I'd be happy doing either. Any ideas of which would be easier to get an A or perhaps better for my college apps?

If I do History, I'm thinking about doing Law and how laws have changed or discrimination/bias in law.... OR world war 1 as a direct cause of world war 2 (treaty of versailles, paris peace conferences, etc.) - I think it's a really overdone topic, but I am really interested in the build-up to WW1(starting with franz ferdinand) and WW2 (9 steps to war/ TOV).  If I do Spanish, I'm thinking about something to do with Spanish language and regional differences (not too sure about that. I moved schools 2 months into starting IB for may 2020 so I'll be restarting for November 2020, so I haven't talked to a supervisor yet but I want to get a headstart on my EE). I'm not a native speaker, but I have taken Spanish in school for 8 years already, so fluency shouldn't be a problem. Another idea I had was to examine how the Spanish empire in south america influenced language and how the variations between spanish from spain and spanish from latin america were shaped by oppression from the empire (which is kind of like blending my interests in history and spanish without writing the actual essay in spanish). Thoughts?

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I'll just give my personal opinion: Do the Spanish essay. I was in a very similar situation as you; I had taken Spanish for longer than typical, and was extremely comfortable in it. I opted to do history and I think I would have had a much easier and more pleasant experience doing Spanish. History's statistically one of the toughest areas to score well in and examiners seem fickle. I wrote an essay on 1930's U.S. racial discrimination in the south with a specific focus on federalism (read: laws) and scored below what I was predicted. Language B essays on the other hand score typically well. Not that that is what it's about, but trying to make your history essay "researchy" enough while being still being accurate can be a huge source of frustration.

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