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I've pretty much decided that I'm going to do my EE in Spanish B, but I don't really know what sort of topics I'm allowed to do and what topics would be deep enough to write 4000 words on (other than the literature option). I am interested in doing the literature option because I do enjoy that kind of analysis but I would appreciate some recommendations on which books to read - also is the comparison of 2 authors or comparing and contrasting 2 works (all in spanish) a recommended option? What are the other options for a Language B extended essay?

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A book that I read recently in Spanish that blew me away and immediately went into my list of all-time favourites was Los detectives salvajes by Roberto Bolaños. That being said, I think it might not be everyone's cup of tea so if you don't like off the bat then you might not want to read the 500+ pages to find out if you like it at the end. Part II is very different than Part I, but I loved the entire thing. I think it would make for a great choice for an IB essay for a few reasons; among them Bolaños is held in extremely high esteem in literary circles, and two I think the novel lends itself to analysis more-so than others might.

Another one that I liked was Como me hice monja by César Aira. A very funny novela.

Edit: For info regarding your options and categories, go here http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group0/d_0_eeyyy_gui_1602_1/files/Guide_Extended_essay_en.pdf

and go to page 127. This is where the subject specific guidelines for a language B essay are outlined and examples are given.

Re: comparison I mean it's really up to you. If you like writing comparison essays, then that's okay if you want to do a comparison. If not, then don't do a comparison essay. I always personally liked writing non-comparison essays, so I wouldn't have don a comparative one. It's just personal taste.

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