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Dentistry subject choices

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Right so...  Although I am currently in grade 10 (working towards DP1 next year), I need to start seriously considering subject choices and courses I'd like to study in uni. 

So far, I'm really interested in studying dentistry (most likely back home in Belgium) and these are the subject choices I think would be... okay... for university applications: 

HL Biology 

HL French 

HL History 

SL Maths

SL Chemistry 

SL English 

Tell  me what you guys think I should be taking instead (Im trying to balance out the work load) 

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It really depends on the school entry requirements (the school you want to go) because some med schools require a double science for HL, some don't. So I suggest you go to the school website for IB entry requirement and they will have the details. But of course, if you are doing a double science in HL, there will be a lot of things to memorize because they are all very content-based and at the same time heavy workload. 

For me, I want to go to med school as well (in UK), so my HL course selections are based on the school requirements as they all require a HL chem and phy/bio/math. My course choices are:

HL: Global Politics, Chem, Bio, 

SL: Chinese English Math 


Hope that helps :))

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