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Ongoing vs One Time CAS Activities?

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I am a fairly new IB student. I finished Pre-IB last year, and am in second month of Grade 11 IB. We just got Managebac accounts and have been encouraged to start logging CAS, but I'm not sure how. I can find the section that needs to be filled out for different activities, but I don't know how to tag things. I volunteer twice a week, and instead of having to log each session individually --annoying my supervisor constantly with repeated notifications-- I was wondering if there was a way to log something as an ongoing activity instead...?

There's probably a really simple solution, but I appreciate any help you can offer.


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Good news: There is :)

If you click the "Add CAS Experience" button on the right side of the screen, the CAS worksheet will pop up. On the worksheet, you can click the tags to add them to that activity. One of the tags is "Ongoing." Additionally, you can specify the range of time you do that particular activity, right below the tagging area. Here's a screenie of one of my ongoing activities: 


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Thank you so much! I'm not the most tech savvy and I was really struggling with how to format this. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer😊

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