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english B for ee, brainstorming

i'm taking english B in SL for IB..

previously i wanted to do my ee in bio but now i'm switching it to english ..

cos bio is much more complicated......

i searchd thru the net for samples of english ee...

but most of them are based on literature aspects..

i m not really fond of lit.. so i thught of doing ee basedd on survey or culture..

am looking for ideas that are interesting but couldnt come up with anything yet..

i'll be really glad if someone could help me.....

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Hi mc_dee03! Welcome to IBSurvival. If you have any specific questions, please ask, however, we will not do your work for you and that includes handing you EE topics.

As for thinking bio is too complicated, an extended essay is not meant to be simple. It is meant to instigate further thinking so you'll find that regardless of subject choice, there will be a degree of complexity.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.