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Russia History IA OPVL Help

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Hi Everyone!

I am doing my history IA and I am stuck on the limitations of this particular book. What are some general limitations of books I could mention in the OPVL? Or if any of you know this book or author specifically: A History of Russia by Riasanovsky. 

My IA is on Stolypin's agrarian reforms. 

Thank you. 

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The year of the book’s publication might be a limitation. For example, stuff written during the reign of Stalin (1924-1953) had access to far less documents than stuff written in the 1990’s. Due to censorship, not more recent docs  

Also, whatever camp the historian belongs to is a limitation. I am no familiar enough with Riasanovsky’s work to know where he stands, unfortunately. It can be a straight forward as since he’s an American, I cannot learn how a historian born in Russia would interpret the reforms. 

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Thank you so much for your help. And what limitation could I say about an American author? I am also looking at Carol S. Leonard. 

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