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Dropping Math HL...

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Hey guys this is my first post. I really need help deciding whether to drop to SL or continue with HL math. 

I just started the diploma course this year with math HL. Last year, I was in standard math class (lowest out of advanced, extended, standard <- unique to our school). Usually, it's rare for a student from standard math class to take math HL for DP course but I decided to take it because I thought I would need it for my major/career. Currently we just finished the third chapter test and are about to take the cumulative test next Monday. I have no difficulty with the class, assignments and other tasks in this class but struggling to get good grades. To be honest, the tests are not too hard but I make silly mistakes (like a lot) which brings my grade down a lot. 

Two days ago, I had a talk with my math teacher when she said she was concerned with my progress (she knows I'm from the lowest of 3 math classes year before). She also told me how I might be better off with math SL... 

Since making unnecessary mistakes is the reason why I am not getting a decent grade in this course (like I find no questions to be hard), should I drop to math SL??? Also, considering the course will just harder, will it be safe for student like me to stay in this class? I'm thinking of majoring in architecture or engineering (leaning more on architecture) and I think math HL is a must for those two. 

Any thoughts? 

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It might actually be a hard decision for you to make, but there is no problem without any solution ;) If you're saying that you're good at math and have no problems with it, then I think a little more discipline would help in your issue of making the silly mistakes (you're not alone, I make a lot of silly mistakes in math too). Another issue to consider is your future career. If your university requires math HL, then you must do the course. Maybe look for prospective universities which are fine with math SL on architecture (if possible ofc)? Sometimes it is really better not to overrate one's abilities. We're only human after all. You're right, the course will only be harder from now on. Now you have the time to make your decision as later it might be too late. Maybe look through the material that you will be doing later on in the course and on the basis of that try to honestly decide whether you will be able to make it? If you decide that you REALLY can't take it, drop it to SL, but if you think you're going to be fine on HL, just continue the course and put as much focus on it as possible to make things right. Good luck ;) 

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If not already, get the notes for Advanced math from last year, because your HL course will make use of things presumptively known from previous years. If its just mechanics of algebra thats tripping you up, you can practice those on Khan Academy. If you dont understand how to set up problems (which doesnt sound so) then so you seek help from others. If your schools allow the option to drop later (after year 1l, thrn its far too early to be thinking of leaving.

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