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My name is Ali and I am in year 12. So I just performed my FOA in a group and scored poorly. My teacher said I got between 18 to 20 marks out of 30. Now a little background story, I have a stammer/Stutter. This condition drastically affects my final grade in English SL as am predicted a grade 7 but how will I reach that if I can't speak fluently and despite me being confident on the inside, I come across as insecure when really it is because my condition prevents me from showing my true self. And worst of all, my teacher said this was our final chance at doing the FOA despite this being our first one. Wth. I thought that students were required to perform two FOAs and the best one would be your final grade. How is this even fair? Is she misinformed? Or am I totally in the wrong? Also, if I tell my school that I stutter, would that affect how they mark me and would it stay the same? 

I just find it unfair that the FOA and IOC equate to 30% towards our final grade and that with my stutter, it means it will be impossible for me to reach a grade 7. What can I do? Please give me advice. 

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