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English Lit Extended Essay

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Guys, I was thinking of doing my extended essay on Wuthering Heights but so many people did it and it seems extremely unoriginal. How can I twist it around to make it stand out?  I was thinking of maybe analysing why Heathcliff has an endouring appeal that still applies nowadays even though he is a terrible person. Why do we still love him? Something like that idk. pleaseeee help me I'm freaking out

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In that case your current topic would not be viable as IB only really allows analysis of the work without much anthropological (cultural) consideration. You cannot analyze readers reactions. You also should not consider changing societal views beyond the minimum amount that they need to be addressed. 

You can analyze why he is a sympathetic character (using lit. devices), just without the extra stuff. With IB for better ow worse you consider the work in a vacuum.

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