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Subject Selection English HL or SL

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Hey Guys iam confused if there is a considerable difference in the difficulty of exams between English A literature HL and SL? I really have to ensure that English HL is not too complicated and hard to score.

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I guess it's similar to the difference between Group 2 (Language B) HL and SL. About 40% of English A Lit HL students get a 5, 20% get a 6 and 5% get a 7 (assume at least 80% of HL students are native speakers). So definitely it is a difficult HL but I do not know just how much more difficult it is than SL. It looks like a ~90% work at SL could be around 75% when scored using HL criteria. That's just my estimate but the actual difference should be somewhere near there. If you are not very strong in English writing maybe you can try Language and Literature because it is less focused on literary analysis to which some students may have little exposure.

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