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This is my first time using this site, so, hi!

I need help thinking of a question for my HI topic. I want to do something like "What was the extent of ________ invention/innovation on ________  event?"

I'm having some difficulty filling in the blanks. Does anyone have any insight or ideas? I was thinking of "...extent of the invention of the steam engine in 1698 the most important invention of the Industrial revolution?" or something similar. Any ideas? 

Thank you so much!!

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Hi, welcome to IB Survival.

In general I'm kind of hesitant to tell students do x topic. Part of the process is choosing a topic, and that's your work.

I am happy to offer opinions on topics if I have something that I think is valuable. I think you're current question is very interesting and original.

Also, with the History IA, talk to your teacher. They will be the one grading it (barring moderation), so it makes sense to use the their help and feedback.

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