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Could I do an EE on the music in anime?

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Wanted to do an EE on anime however since we don't have film studies in our school I couldn't do an EE on anime as a whole. Thus leaving music, is it possible I could look at the music in anime? I have no idea on a question though, perhaps the evolution of it throughout the years or its effect on the anime itself. 

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That is such an interesting topic. Concise yet sufficiently appealing. Imo, that would be a great idea for a Film EE. Obviously, it would need some rephrasing, but it adheres to a specific topic of the course, specifically conveying a technical film element, which in this case is sound. 

One thing I will say, is the the fact that you don't take the class itself, could really complicate things beyond what "could" be worth it. Film is a class with huge depth, specifically because there are so many complexities which have an impact on the study of cinematography, and they are all equally important to quantify and analyze, while doing a research paper. And I fear that learning about these kinds of things is way more convenient within class, all because you have the opportunity to see how the IB regards each specific element, and how you're supposed to develop and structure your main ideas and arguments, into a great EE. All with the purpose of being assertive on your paper. So, that's another perspective.

I would recommend to get a tutor/ EE assessment coach on Film to guide you, and if this isn't possible, then do it on another topic you like. That's just my opinion

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