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Please Need help regarding Extended Essay

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Hello, all I am from India and my EE research question was:- What were the causes that led to the decline of Toys'R' us.

  My teacher says It's not good but I have already done a report on It so what can I do to change my research question into a better one with keeping the decline of Toys 'R' us in mind?

Please help. 

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Is this a business and  management EE?

The EE guide recommends a specific region when studying business practices. You are to analyse and evaluate, not just recount what happened. The investigation should also be systematic and apply b/m theory. The RQ should be modified perhaps to identify specific models or concepts used as the basis for evaluation.


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19 minutes ago, AsharVikramAditya said:

And is an extended essay possible on bankrupt companies?

It is possible, but instead of looking at what the causes were that lead to bankruptcy, you may want to focus on a specific cause that led to its bankruptcy and form your question in the form of "To what extent did (Cause) lead to the bankruptcy of (Company name) in (Specific region)" 

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16 hours ago, AsharVikramAditya said:
  • Thanks for the replies, another question, And can I choose the topic; investigating the decline and rise fo Toy's R us, Or investigating the effect of supply-chain on small and large businesses dealing In the Toy-sector?

Personally, I wouldn't recommend either. If you choose the first one you will need to choose between rising and decline because you simply cannot form a specific research question if you're investigating both. The second one just feels rather broad. 

Just as an example if you're feeling really stuck, I did my Extended Essay on Economics too. My question was “To what extent did the 2016 crude oil price drop influence government economic policy in the UAE?” 

So in case you would like to use that as a reference (I say this because my question got approval all around and I am rather proud of it, no lie), here you are!

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