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Taking 3 sciences?

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I the only group 3 subjects offered at my school (business, econ and psychology) are very difficult for me and not especially interesting. I think that I would greatly benefit by taking another science in adidition to biology and chemistry HL because sciences are my strengths. Preferably I would opt for health science because it is more relevant to my intended field of study (medicine). Would this work if I can find a university course which requires health science, biology and chemsitry or physics, biology and chemistry? I read online elsewhere that if I tell my school I want to go to do a course that requires 3 sciences and write a letter to the IB then I will be allowed to take 3 sciences.

If so, does anyone know of a university course that requires 3 sciences? Preferably an english course so I can convince my school and the IBO that I genuinely want to study this course.


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I also had wanted to take 3 sciences but decided not to. I know that in order to do chemical engineering you need knowledge of Chemistry physics and Biology, but not any specific universities. To be fair, your school should not need any convincing, they should not be hindering the willingness to learn, and if they do I suggest you talk to someone that runs the school and ask them questions as to why they would not allow you to do this. IB is your choice and your courses are your choices, they just need to write a letter. If IB allows it, why should they not?

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I feel like the requirement of taking at least one course in every group (well, excluding group 6) is for the sake of building more well-rounded individuals. It's natural to have courses that you're strong in, and courses that you struggle with. If you really want to take three sciences, you could perhaps consider taking the third science as an elective, if time permits? Just something I wanted to mention for you to think about. Unfortunately, I don't know any university courses that match your requirements. Good luck with your search! ^^

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