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Possible to end off IB with good grades?

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Hey guys, this is my first time posting in this website. I've only recently discovered the vast amount of resources and the great advice that the community had provided. Currently, I'm a Year 2 student being stressed out in IB taking Physics HL, Math SL, Chemistry SL, ITGS HL, Mandarin B SL,  and English Lit and Lang A HL. I know that in my year 1 adventure in IB, I haven't been trying hard enough in all of my courses where it results in me almost failing Physics and Chemistry.

I've noticed that my mental state isn't exactly in its best form since I get beaten down a lot by bad test grades and the lack of understanding in classes. I've always gotten so confused after Physics and Chemistry even tho I paid attention in class. Even tho I did ask teachers questions and they give out "clear" responses, my mind always got confused by them. I was constantly wondering, "What the hell does this even mean?" "Why can't I understand this?". I know I've probably overthought most of it but this situation has progressively gotten worse throughout year one. In the end, I've only achieved a pre predicted of 26 (not counting CAS, TOK, and EE).

Going into Year 2, I know that I really need to improve and change my study habits. I try to keep myself in a positive state and it has been working for a while. I got several tutors and got into meditation, changed my sleeping schedule and tried exercising more.  But then my parents came along and lectured me about my grades and told me that I'm gonna fail Year 2 because I almost failed year 1. They have said that I'm not gonna get into UofT, instead im gonna go into UBC (this is where the argument got weird, my parents said that UBC is a crap school despite it is ranked high. I know there are many advantages over at UofT like the employment program<i believe that's what it is>  etc. The reason that my parents say that UBC is crap is their reputation and the many Asian<mostly Chinese, btw they are also chinese> ) After that, I got confused on what I want to do in the future. This has always been on the top of my mind whenever I try to do stuff. I kept on telling myself that it's ok to NOT go to a really prestigious university and a future can be guaranteed if I work hard. The results are reflected upon my test/quiz grades ;-; . 

So I was wondering if it's possible to end off IB with a high mark despite my crappy Year 1 Adventure? (Also if what I said was confusing, it probably is because i tend to not think clearly ;D)

Anyways, thanks for reading this ;D and if yall wondering, both my physics and math IA have a soft deadline last week but i have yet to come up with a topic! 



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If the grades are very important to you/your family, then you should review all materials (especially physics, chemistry, math) from year 1 over winter break and do practice problems such that you can ask questions when you get back/ask your tutors. The concepts in these subjects are compounded on topics from year 1. Predicted grades will be determined end of January so you have about bit more than 2 months to make sure you feel comfortable with all materials covered up to January.

Finally it's important to be thick skinned sometimes and just keep asking your teachers/tutors questions until you get it. Get to the point where you can explain what they said, by yourself.

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