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Any Chemistry HL IA topic that I find interesting ends up being to difficult!

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Hello everyone,

Right now I'm really starting to seek out topics for my IA. However the ones that I have found interesting so far ended up being beyond my knowledge to accomplish. For example my first idea was :

- To establish at which points and in which environment graphene paints would absorb more CO2 then released while they cured

and my other topic was

- To investigate pH trends of heavy metal bioleaching with different concentrations of sulphur

Could someone give me a push into the right direction in how I could procure the necessary data or what type of procedure I should use?

Thank you in advance!

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If you are truly having exams in 2020, I would suggest that you start doing practice IAs by modifying an existing procedure, one that could be found online or in your textbook. I understood neither topics (read: both topics sound interesting) but they may require knowledge beyond what is expected of a Year 1 student.

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