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In terms of memorizing studies ( ugh torture) it was basically me remembering each study in terms of Aim, participants, procedure and Results, And then I'd have a few key points for discussion such as limitations.  I did this because examiners look for these points right away when talking about studies

I'd write them down on cue cards, constantly review them. I'd write them in places I could see them so that I could glance at one or two on the train.

That's why it's important to start reviewing in advance so you can just review. Although if u are short of time u can still manage because I still did end up cramming allot of studies the few weeks before the exam. 

Other than cue cards, I also repeated them out to myself, I tried searching up the main studies on youtube cuz watching a visual of the study helps. For example, the crash course helped me remember that Bandura study...I'm surprised that I still remember some of these studies 😮


I also typed up my studies onto an online reader so I could hear someone repeatedly read out the study to me. Different ways of memorizing it helps.

Also, a good idea overall is to have some main studies you know super well and try to reuse them as much as you can.  Like H.M for localization can be analyzed from a cognitive and biological perspective. 

Good luck!

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