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Hello everyone, 

I am currently doing 4 HL's but I need to drop one as soon as possible. Right now I am taking Math, Physics, Chem and Econ HL. I want to be an astrophysicist. I know that I need to keep Physics HL, I do not know about Math because even though I am strong at math, the teachers say that it will be very challenging for me and I will not be able to get the score I want, but if I drop to Math SL she said that the course would be kinda too easy for me not letting me develop my skills. I have to choose between Chem and Econ which one to drop. 


If I were to have Physics, math, and chem HL the teachers say I would pick the "death combo", and I can see why. But they complement the best 

If I were to pick  Physics, econ, and chem HL, would I need more maths but should I be okay with just Math SL for astrophysics? or should it be better if I keep Math HL?

The other option would be to have Physics, math, and econ HL, in which math would be the most challenging one for me. 


I have tried the 4 for a semester, and I am allowed to keep it like that for another semester before yr12 starts, but me and my math teacher would like if I decide as soon as possible, if possible before the second semester of my first year starts. 


Thank you all for your help! All thoughts are welcomed!

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Just my opinion, not a lot of unis require math HL. You seem quite keen on what you would want to become later. I would suggest looking at the unis you would want to go to and see what they need, I watched some yt vids on people who scored really well and one thing they have in common in "don't be afraid to call the uni". The people are very helpful and will answer your questions. If you don't need math HL I'd say drop it, the course covers a lot of math you need to know later on, I am taking it rn, I find it super easy (mainly because I had taken a course throughout grades 9-10 which was a preparation for Math HL) so a lot is review for me, its a good way to get some of those points in your overall.

That's my opinion :).

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I took 4 HL's my DP1 year, and at the end of the year, I decided to drop chem. You don't feel the difference between chem HL and SL now, but there's a huge gap. Now that I'm chem SL, I'm basically done with chem already whereas the other HL students have 5 classes a week. In econ, there's such a tiny gap between HL and SL so keep that.

Drop chem or Math.

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I'd recommend dropping chemistry HL to SL because UK and Netherlands universities need Math HL for Astrophysics. You can have a tutor at home for Math HL if you want.

(sorry I'm a newbie)

not to forget that nearly all physics courses need Math HL, and same goes for engineering areas where they need Math and Physics HL (except for chemical engineering that needs SL Physics and HL Chemistry)

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