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Is IB truly what everyone is telling me it is?

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Hello all,

So I have found this website, and a lot seem to be using this. So I am here to hear some opinions. I started IB back in August, my courses are as follows:

SL: Lang & Lit, French B, and Math. HL: Chem, Physics, and Econ.

I took these courses because it is something I love, especially my HL ones, but a lot of people have started to tell me how I will regret taking them. So far I have calculated the scores I would get from all my tests so far and have found out that I would get about a 35 overall (not including the points I could get from TOK and my EE). But everyone keeps telling me how I will have a really hard time and all, they talk about the IAs and the EE like it is some sort of doom. I am just really confused, is IB as hard as they say it is, will I really have so much trouble and end up regretting the choices I have made? I would just like to ask this question as they all talk about IB as being some sort of hell... and since my brother scored 41/45 I feel like I have some sort of standard to live up to, I just am freaking out right now about IB as a whole and am scared I will sort of fail it and not get into a university I would like.

Lastly,  I have started to think about topics regarding my EE. And am interested in Chemisty or Economics. Would these be a smart pic or are they typically really hard subjects to do a EE on.

Overall, I would just like to know if it truly is this hell and doom, or if they are just making it sound much more difficult then it truly is, I know it is hard but I would just like to see what those who have already done it think/are doing it rn like I am.

Thanks :D :) 

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Well, Jarz, I just dropped to certificate today because I couldn't take it anymore. You may or may not have heard everything I'm about to say. The thing about IB is that it's constant. You're continually bombarded by assignments, tests, quizzes; it doesn't stop. Thus, you must be extremely motivated. This motivation must come from yourself. If it does not come from within yourself, you will not get far in the diploma programme. I wouldn't go so far as to call IB "hell," but I would wake up every morning not wanting to go to school. In my opinion, I feel like one must enjoy what they are learning in order to learn best. My dropping was inevitable because I believe that the diploma programme is not worth it. Of course, this is only my opinion, and I think that you should talk to as many people as you can to gain multiple perspectives.

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Hi there! :) 

I just finished my first year in the IBDP and although it's been quite tough, I have not regretted my decision in taking this programme instead of the A levels. IB focuses on a well-rounded education, which I personally love. I believe that this programme is truly rewarding as I am constantly challenging myself to do better and juggle all these commitments that I have. No doubt it's difficult, but putting in your best is what the IB really wants to see. And yep I agree it's just a bombardment of assignment after assignment, so you have to stay on top of your work. The workload gets quite insane when you have to balance all your school work and external commitments, but that's just part of student life. With grit, determination and passion, I actually think any student would be able to survive in IB. But hey, if it's not your thing, other options are fine as well!

As for your subject combination, it sounds good! I take HL Bio, Chem and Econs, and SL Math, Chinese B, Lang Lit, doing an EE in Bio. I suggest that you do a Science EE only if you know what you want to do. Otherwise, it is a massive pain to think of a topic after you've chosen to do Chem EE and when it goes wrong, it's again a massive pain to rethink your procedure. Econs EE is a solid choice, but if you are interested in Chem EE that's not a bad thing either :)  Continue with your IB journey and I hope you'll find good meaning in it!

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I started IB Yr 1 in September 2018 (currently on my winter break) and I do have to agree with what jody said:

On 11/28/2018 at 5:11 AM, jody said:

 The thing about IB is that it's constant. 


If you aren't constant with your studying either, everything just falls off due to the extensive amounts of assessments. Hopefully, all of us in the same boat can stay on it!

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