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Genuinely failing chemistry

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Hi so I'm taking HL Chemistry and I was wondering if there were any key tips, helpful websites, etc to help improve my grades (Preferably stuff on energetics and thermochemistry)?

My grades this year are extremely bad and since its an HL, I really need to improve.




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IB Chemistry is a very thorough and extensive class - especially HL, which is all the more painful.

I found a lot of good channels and sites that helped me get my grades back up after a string of failures (and I mean utter failures) and now I am starting to truly feel confident in my abilities. I hope these sites and channels help you too:

  • Richard Thornley - Very precise and in-depth with each lesson - breaks it down into segments and continuously updates with labs (he is my IB savior).
  • RadioChemistry - Another IB teacher, but not as in depth. Gives a good overview - might be handy to get your feet wet.
  • CrashCourse Chem - Perhaps a little too fast but hey - information is information.
  • MSJ Chem - Haven't watched him much but enjoy his videos.
  • Khan Academy - Let me go ahead and save some time: Khan Academy is great for literally everything.
  • OpenStax Chemistry - A free, online Chem text book that's sourced by tens of professors.
  • Nisbah - Has PowerPoints, videos, exam questions, and labs from each topic. A legit life saver for me.

 Good luck with IB! Hope this helps you a bit.

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