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Am I gonna get kicked out!?

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Ok, I honestly doubt that anyone will even see this, but I’m really worried... 

Im in 7th grade IB, and I wasn’t in IB in Elementary, so I’m a complete newbie, and I don’t know the rules all that well. We’re about to finish up the first semester, and I’m failing two of my classes. First quarter it was just one class but now it’s two.

I’m only failing because i haven’t turned in almost any of my assignments, and I’m barely realizing how bad that effected my grade now.

I know a student that got kicked out of the program, so I know that it’s possible to get kicked out and not just a threat to get us to keep our grades up. However, I’m not sure what grades he had so it didn’t help. 

Honestly, I don’t care that much if I get kicked out, because I’m going to a school out of my city just because I got accepted into the program, and if I were kicked out, I would go to my local middle school with my BFF and other Elementary friends. I’m just worried about my parents. I just want to make them proud, but I don’t like this kind of pressure. All the stress is making it even harder to do my work and I’m barely keeping good grades in my other classes.

i really don’t know what to do at this point.

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