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Please, help me to do my BM IA by completing this short survey :+)

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This is my first community post so...

Hello to all you beautiful IB lads/ladies. As the title suggests the clock for my business management HL IA is already ticking and, therefore, I should be getting done with my primary resources quite soon. However, there is one problem...

Most of you have probably heard about Angry Birds and the company which produced them: Rovio. My research focuses on Rovio's decision about producing the sequel to the relatively well-known "The Angry Birds Movie". While I managed to get the first primary source from Rovio themselves, getting the second one which is supposed to originate from targeted audience turned out to be much harder. You see, these movies (or cartoons) are targeted on a relatively young audience. And getting responses from kids in a kind of country I live in (Finland) can lead to some... Very unfavorable accusations from their parents and people overall. That's why I'm appealing for help on this forum.

If you happen to have a younger brother/sister or a friend who could answer this survey please ask them to do so, if it doesn't cause you too much problem. And even if not: please still answer this survey yourself since any piece of primary data matters to me :). Huge thanks in advance to anyone who answers this survey, and double-huge thanks to anyone who gets a younger person to answer it).

The survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/gv3I8HQCfxj72tWi2

P.S. This problem lead to a funny story on one of my bm lessons. When I was discussing the primary data gathering with my proactive BM teacher, she basically conducted the survey in front of the entire class and then went on to suggest that I should just go and start surveying kids at the HopLops (Finnish kids' playground area) face-to-face. The class lost it and kept laughing for another 5 minutes. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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