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Help me choose my subjects! (medicine)

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Hi everyone, 

I wish to study medicine in the UK. I've gone through all the posts on this website on medicine and I still don't know what to pick. I know I should pick what I enjoy, but I need to pick subjects strategically too. HL Chem + Bio and SL Spanish Ab are set in stone for me. I need help deciding what my third HL is. Math, English or Econ/Geo. 

what I'm interested in/enjoy the most learning about: Maths, Economics, English, Geography

What I'm good at: Geography, Maths+English, Economics

I just need some opinions so I can make a more informed decision!! 


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I honestly think that it depends on whether you need at subject that's "easy" or one that you will enjoy... So if you enjoy the Chem + Bio + Spanish, then choose a subject you're good at, but if you don't then you need a subject where you can enjoy learning it so you don't lose motivation.


Just my personal opinion.

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Hey just wondering; if you're the best at those subjects, why do you want to do Medicine? 

Coming back to your question, I also want to do Medicine and I've chosen the following subjects:

HL: Bio, Chem, Eco 

SL: French B, Math, Eng 

My school offers Chem and Geo side to side so I was forced to choose between the two (since I wanted to take both). But according to my research, most Med courses require at least Physics SL and they prefer Math HL, although Math SL is still fine. So to compensate for taking Math SL, I've taken Eco at HL (I'm so proud of my reasoning 😂). Chemistry is a must, although both SL and HL are adequate. Bio was a little confusing. Some courses require Bio at HL, whereas some courses don't list Bio as a requirement at all. In the end, it all depends on what your choice university (ies) wants so yeah. But I would think taking Bio HL if you want to do Med would be necessary? 

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