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What can I investigate concerning bikes (mechanics)?

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I want an investigation/research that is simple to experiment practically (I don't have fancy equipment. My main piece of equipment is my bike), but also complex enough that I can explore "theoretically" (meaning I can well beyond introductory mechanics principles). Can anybody list some ideas?
I know this is an open-minded question, but I just need ideas to get me started because coming up with an idea is excruciatingly difficult. 
Also, I'm writing my EE in Physics and it's due in less than 2 weeks :P

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The followings are my own opinions that you can borrow from:


If you want to do something related to bikes, then try maybe investigate the relationship between friction and the distance travelled? Or maybe distance travelled and coefficient of friction? You can change the surface to a rougher one and try to find out the coefficient, for example.


On the other hand, if you want to do an IA not related to bikes, I suggest doing sth that you genuinely like. For me, I am a fan of electricity so I decided to investigate solenoid behaviors.

For an physics IA there is no need to have really complex theoretical frameworks. You'll only need to do the experiment with some creativity, collect and process the data with accuracy and reach meaningful conclusions that are applicable or verifiable in the scientific context.

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Along with the friction thing, maybe you can investigate like torque? Like the torque that the pedals and chain exert on the wheel to make it turn and that kind of thing and expand upon that

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