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IB certificate or diploma

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This is my first term of IB an de i’m taking HL:maths, physics, chemistry and SL: English lit, French b , and it’s . Unfortunately my English lit doesn’t reach the requirements ,despite the fact of doing well in igcse . Should I do continue IBDP or should I do certificate and do 7 subjects instead ?

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It depends on what you want to do in the future. If you wish to apply to University in the UK (I say, based on the flag on your profile...) then persist with the diploma because the individual certificates are worth peanuts. Look up the UCAS points for each and you will soon see that the IB is worth very little without the full diploma. If you are really struggling, consider switching to A Levels where you will be able to ditch English as a subject entirely. The other thing to remember is you're only just starting the IB in the grand scheme of things - you have plenty of time to work on your skills in English.

Is English your native language? If not consider if its possible to do your native language as your main language.

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