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School tells me I'm going to fail the IB

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I just received my first report card and I currently have 4 in Business HL, 5 in French B HL, 3 in Math Studies, 3 in German B HL, 3 in Biology SL, and 3 in English SL

School tells me I'm in a failing condition which I am and I don't know what to do... I'm really sad, feel useless, and just can't find happiness in general... I keep telling myself that I can change the situation around but I'm a very lazy person, and I can't find the motivation especially when you feel like you're working hard but then always get bad grades, it's very de-motivating. I'm came to write here to look for some words of wisdom I guessūüėÖ.

I also have a few questions

1. in your last year, when do you actually start studying thoroughly for the exams in May? (I reserve September to December as IA time)

2. Is it possible to turn your grades around from now to May 2019? (if so, do y'all know anyone who has?)


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To answer your numbered questions:

1. Started really studying for most of my exams after spring break, so the end of March. 

2. I think you still have time. Your marks aren't that far off from where they need to be in order to pass. It's mostly about studying effectively. So, don't focus on the parts you know well but don't spend all of your time trying to learn one small concept. 

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I'm also on the verge of failing:(

I  think you should focus on your SL subjects. The requirement for receiving a diploma is 12 total points in HL which you seem to already have and no level 2 in HL either. As for SL you shouldn't get a lv 1 and a total of 24 points. I'd recommend focusing on one of the sl subjects Math/English/Bio. I dont know abut you but I personally find Bio hardest. I'm also on lv 3 in bio but hopefully my IA will improve it atleast abit. Have you finished your IAs? Do these scores count them in cause they can really save your grades.

 Also this is a very last minute method which I used in my Science back in iGCSE but I only focused on topics that I understood that is I only did Chemistry and Ignored Physics and Biology completely. Like literally I didn't study them at all. I skipped all physics questions in the exam. I really don't recommend this method since in Bio lots of questions don't focus on one topic but that is what I am doing for myself unfortunately

Take my words with a grain of salt


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1. In my classes, we would do reviews after we finished all the material, so there was a week of time where we just did past exam papers. If you mean studying on my own, I started intensive studying in April.

2. I was in the same position as you. My coordinator told me in mid IB year 2 that I was going to fail and that I should seriously consider dropping those courses (DP -> certificate). It was disheartening. If anyone could give me courage, it was the coordinator. However, there were a few things that I considered in my decision not to drop.

  • With applicants of similar standing, my preferred university preferred IB students over non-IB students.
  • If I do fail certain courses, I will just have to stay in high school for one more year to finish some courses, not the worst thing in the world.
  • I loved the friendships I made in IB.
  • I had too much pride to give up.
  • My parents encouraged that I continue because they believed that I will be fine if I really put my mind into IB exams.

I also felt just unmotivated back then. Now that I look back, I was just really depressed. I knew I had to study, and that if only I can get myself to, all will be fine. It was frustrating and I hated myself. In May, I would sit down in the empty guest room in my house, and just study. I was able to get into a mode where I knew I wasn't allowed to think about anything but to look forward. I had something I wanted, and I needed to orient myself.

OP, I think you are also a person who has high expectations. Perhaps it will take a lot of pressure for you to move forward, but don't be afraid. Keep looking towards your goal, and you shouldn't have room in your mind to be worried about anything else. If you can't seem to see your goal clearly, set smaller goals. "I will be motivated if I can just get myself to finish one set of practice exams today". Discipline takes practice, but once you get it you are invincible in life.

It's very much possible, because I have been there. 


my predicted grades || actual

Chem/Bio/Eng HL: 2/6/5 || 4/6/5

His/Fr B/Math SL: 5/6/3 || 4/6/4

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