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I am currently self-studying three* subjects for May 2019 as I want to apply for German Universities, for which I needed subjects that my school does not offer. 

Before registering me with my subjects: Math HL: Option Calculus (self-studied as my school olny offered math studies), Physics HL: Option Engineering Physics (completely self-studied with support from an IB teacher from another school), English B HL (with extra work as my School only offered sl and support from my teacher), History HL, Environmental Systems and Societies SL and Spanish A: Literature SL, I sent a mail to IB Support. Their reply was that the IB has no policy against taking subjects not offered by my school as long as my School supports me with this action. 

I have been working on this since August and, as for now, I have covered at least 70% of the syllabus from each one of the three subjects I study and worked in my Internal Assessments for each one so that I can have time to practice for External Assessment. 

Now, my concerns are that I may be missing some paperwork owing to the fact I have no teacher, such as 4PSOW from which I knew nothing until a week ago. I have the guide for each subject but sometimes it is difficult to read and remember everything. I am worried that something I am not expecting could happen and I cannot solve it. 

Has any of you self-studied mathematics or a science before? Do I need to make alone experiment planning and documentation alone? Could any of you share a list of document requirements for the IB for Physics and Maths HL? Can use an interdisciplinary experiment with an University as Group 4 Project? Any comment that you think could help me is welcomed. 

Thanks you all for your time. I hope I accurately described my situation. 

Best Regards 

Daniel Meza

*It is difficult to explain as self-studying means different things for each one of them. Basically, I changed 3 subjects to options not offered in my school

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happy new year!

For physics paper work, you should ask group 4 teachers or your coordinator. You can give the forms to your supervisor to complete, such as the documentation. And then you will do the planning mostly alone. I only know of the 4/PSOW form that outlines the practical works, which should be completed by your supervisor or teacher.

For group 4 project, it should be done with your classmates. You need to complete the 4/ICCS form. You only need to complete one even though you take both physics and ESS. Please discuss with your IB coordinator further about Group 4 project.

A quick note on the exams: because of the intensity of the Math HL options, only the Calculus paper will be sent to you. Similar for history HL. In contrast, all physics options will be sent to you on paper 3.


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