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Will I have time for other commitments if I do IB?

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My mother keeps on reiterating to me that I won't have time to do any of the other non-school commitments that I want to do. I take extra art classes and ice hockey classes and want to continue learning the ukulele, but she says I won't have time. From what I've seen on YouTube of people talking about their IB experiences, the first year isn't too bad and the second is the one where it's most intense, which is when I'll plan to drop some things if necessary. Is my mom right?

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Depends on what your goals are. I worked a job, played ice hockey 🙂, and did school in junior year. In hindsight I maybe would have freed up some time for social life but I did it. Senior year I scaled back hockey to make it once/twice a week and quit my job at the end of my first semester. Because our school operated on a weird schedule senior year was actually kind of easier in terms of academic demands, but I needed to reduce my obligations to not burn out. And I didn't get sevens in all subjects, nor was that my objective. I just did my best and got sufficient scores. If you really want to throw your eggs into the academic basket (something I wouldn't recommend but to each his own), then I think it's fair to say what I did wouldn't be possible. There were a lot of late nights for me when I would work doing intensive manual labour and then come home to homework. That's not for everyone. 

The most important thing that you and your mom need to realize is that being in IB doesn't take away your need to be a person. You should keep doing the things you like. You'll also find it's easier to stop doing things that you aren't so fond of, because you won't have time for them, but do prioritize things you like.

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