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Is the following a good extended essay topic: To what extent did religion affect the portrayal of major characters and plot of C.S Lewis' 'The Magician's Nephew"?


Is it too overwritten? Is it too broad? What are some key ideas i should mention?


Thank you!

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If this is a Literature essay I worry that the religion analysis aspect is too Lang&Lit heavy. That being said, I feel like some examiners would object and some wouldn't. For that reason I wouldn't recommend it but that's my personal opinion and it's possible that an examiner wouldn't object to it. I'm curious to know what your mentor thinks?

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 Would this, in your opinion, be a better suited topic:

How did faith affect the character portrayal of Digory in C.S Lewis' "The Magician's Nephew"?

(Since this topic is more broad, faith regarding religion could be one point mentioned in my body paragraphs.)



POINT 1: Digory's faith in Aslan 

(How the characters reacted and felt towards Aslan is one of the most defining points for their characters)

- He was able to appreciate his beauty and majesty, whereas people with conflicting characters (such as Uncle Andrew) were unable to do so.

-Temptation vs. faith (Digory's faith in Aslan allowed him to pick just one fruit from the tree, when he was tempted to pick another.)

* religious context can also be mentioned here. (For example, how Aslan symbolizes Jesus, the parallels between the forbidden fruit in the story and in Genesis, etc.)

- Portrays Digory as a "good" character with a good sense of right and wrong, strong principles, and strong self- control.



POINT 2: Digory's faith (or lack thereof) in other characters 

-Faith in Polly  (which strengthened throughout the story, along with his loyalty towards her)

-Lack of faith in Uncle Andrew

- Portrays Digory as a character with good judgment. People must earn his faith, but once they do, Digory would go to great extents for them.




Digory's faith in magic

- Didn't question the magical abilities of Uncle Andrew's rings from the very beginning 

- Didn't question the magical healing abilities of the fruit Aslan gave him to give to his mother

-Reminds the reader that Digory is a child, and as a child his creative thoughts have not been contained like other older characters (ex: Uncle Andrew.) He is a boy who is willing to accept the unaccepted, willing to believe the unbelievable. He does not believe that thinking "logically" means to think within a box


Note that these points are just me brainstorming. I would love it if you could give me your thoughts on them, or any additional remarks I should be made aware of. Additionally, I feel like the question can be better paraphrased, do you have any suggestions?

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Yeah, it seems good to me. I don't have any objections. Re: phrasing it's fine just use present tense ("does" instead of "did"). It doesn't seem like you have decided on a thesis to answer your topic, which you'll want to do, but so far the essay planning looks good.

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