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What are ideas for Database Physics IA's I'm in SL.

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I was planning to do relationship between sucrose level and refraction of a solution but the data I found was a lab report so does it mean its already analyzed?

Any recommendations and resources are welcome

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Doing a Physics IA with database data, especially with such a simple topic/experiment, is a bad idea, for one.

Of course, 99% of all IAs have been done in some way in the past, it is near impossible to conjure up a physics experiment/exploration that hasn't been thought of for your IA. If you do, the likelihood of you completing the IA on time is low, but the likelihood of you being admitted to a top physics program is high.

I suggest going back to the drawing board for some more ideas. You can always put your own "twist" on something. like taking an experiment and adding your own angle, question, exploratory method etc., and try to have your own data especially if you're just shining light into sugary water.

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