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How to study to properly understand Chem HL?

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I've gone through one semester of Chemistry HL, and I find it to be the class I struggle the most with. I am fine with the scores I've gotten so far (5s), however I know that the material is going to get even more difficult as all the topics are cumulative, and I've started to worry immensely since I struggle to understand the material thoroughly. My teacher is not very helpful even though he tries to be, since his teaching method isn't very organised and he rushes through multiple entire sections in 2 periods, which I'm just too slow to keep up with. I find it a difficult subject to understand and memorise since it's all on such a small spectrum, if that makes sense (for instance there's so many rules and exceptions for one set of elements and then those come together with other rules etc.).

I'm wondering how everyone else is studying for the course, particularly when it comes to trying to understand concepts such as hybridisation in terms of being able to imagine it visually, as well as how to memorise all the rules without getting everything mixed up. 

Thanks so much!

(Sorry for the long explanation btw haha)

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I think multiple choice (paper 1) is where it's fine if you work on it in groups, with your notes. The great majority of questions are applications, so having notes to help you shouldn't hinder learning. If you have access to past papers, you can work on paper 1 in groups, and try to figure out why the answer is what is given in the key. If you do not have access to past papers or QuestionBank, you can buy a group license (last time I checked) from https://www.follettibstore.com/ and share it with your peers. 

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