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Structuring a TOK essay "with reference to two areas of knowledge"

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How do you structure a TOK essay answering a prescribed essay title that includes the phrase "Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge"?

Should my claim refer to both areas of knowledge? Or should my claim refer to one area of knowledge, and my counterclaim to another area of knowledge?

Should I maybe even split the essay into two sections: one on one AOK and another on another AOK?

For example, for one KQ, should I do:

  • Claim = AOK 1
  • then, Counterclaim = AOK 2


  • Claim = AOK 1 and AOK 2
  • then, Counterclaim = AOK 1 and AOK 2


  • AOK 1 = Claim and Counterclaim
  • AOK 2 = Claim and Counterclaim


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There is a sense that categories like AoK are artificial, so there is just knowledge. The knowledge claims should, to the best of your abilities, pertain to both AoKs. It would make more sense to do the second option: Claim for both AoKs followed by counterclaims in both. 

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