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Sport Science HL or Visual Arts HL

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My subject selection day is coming up and I don't know if I should do Sport Science HL or Visual Arts HL? I have been going to an IB school for a year so I don't know how everything works. My preferable subjects so far are

HL chemistry, SL maths, SL english, SL extended latin, HL psychology. 

Sport Science

Pros: I would like to go into the medical field in the future so it will help. Since I am not taking Bio or Physics, I will learn some of that here though. Easy subject apparently. I am confident in PDH if that counts for anything (my fourth best subject in terms of marks).

Cons: I don't have basic knowledge since I didn't do pass as an elective. I am not fit physically if that counts for anything (Idk if there are pracs). I will be essentially doing three sciences then. 



Pros: My favourite subject. My second best subject marks wise. A subject where I will be relaxing or not dying as such. I'm sure the tears will be worth it though. Did visual arts as an elective and did well. ONe less exam apparently. 

Cons: Time consuming - Hours and hours spent on it. Hard to get a good mark apparently.  

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