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Pre IB French Project

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Hello everyone!

For my final oral exam in grade 9 Pre IB French I am trying to find someone in another country besides canada to tell me what IB life is like in their countries. Anyone out there trhat can help?


IB Learner


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What is IB life like. Good question... There are many factors that come into saying what IB life is like. Firstly, it involves a lot of organization and control over oneself. What I mean by this is that you must be mentally strong. This is because IB isn't easy, it's a tough course designed to get the best out of each and every student. At times it feels like the work load will never end, but the next day you can feel like you are on top of things and everything will be ok. Not only do you learn the topic materials of all the topics you chose (choose topics you like, not topics you will do because "it's a easy 7") but you learn skills like time management, stress handling and much more. Overall, IB life is rough but very rewarding. At first it was hard for me because I had nothing to vent myself with, no sports or anything. Now I go running and it is such a relief, just me and my dog. It's that time in the day where everything is forgotten and you live for the moment. I also rewrite all notes I take at the end of every day because it's a way for me to check if I understood something but also helps when you have tests coming up, easier to study from a clean sheet of notes.

Good luck with your French! Let me know how it goes and good luck in IB!

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